TinyJPG vs. Compressor.io

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I thought I would continue testing other image compression services and comparing them to TinyJPG (TinyPNG, which has been my favorite), just to see how the other compare since it has been quite a while since I have used most of them. Today I am putting TinyJPG up against Compressor.io.

The test image today is another cute cat photo, because the Internet exists for sharing cat photos. Here is the original photo. It comes in at 3.8 MB at full size.

TinyJPG removes 74% of that size from the original image and gives you a compressed image that is 978 KB. Not bad. Not as good as yesterdays test image but certainly a decent amount of compression to make the image faster to load. Here is the TinyJPG compressed image.

Compressor.io offers a very similar interface to compress images for free and as an added bonus Compressor.io max size is 10 MB while TinyJPG is only 5 MB per image. Compressor.io shaves off 72% of the test images size and gave me a file size of 1.01 MB. Really a decent job of reducing the size of the image. BUT there is a small problem. I’ll add the image and perhaps you can see what the problem is that Compressor.io introduced.

See the problem? For some reason Compressor.io rotated the image from portrait and returned a compressed image that is landscape. I tested it with another portrait image and the result was the same, the image was rotated to landscape. Testing a landscape photo the image was not rotated. I could not find a way to prevent this. Keep this in mind if you are using Compressor.io to compress images, you might get unexpected results if a lot of your images are portrait.

Overall, I again have to hand it to TinyJPG (TinyPNG) for their ease of use, good compression and for not rotating the image. If Compressor.io did not rotate the image when it shouldn’t I would be more impressed. The compression was decent but rotating the image is a major problem if your images are portrait.

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