Pushbullet Review

$0.00 Pro version starts at $39.99 / year.

Pushbullet is the productivity app that connects your phone and browser to keep you in regular contact easily throughout the day. The pro version is not very expensive and you will easily forget how much you will rely on this app the more you use it.

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  • SMS from your browser.
  • Keep up with notifications from your phone without having to reach for it.
  • Easily send links and files to your devices.

  • Free version has limits on number of texts you can send.

Getting Started

To get started using Pushbullet you will need to install it on your phone and in your favorite browser.

The Great

Sitting at your desk and reaching for your phone every few minutes to reply to texts and notifications is a thing of the past with Pushbullet. You can be notified and SMS message right from your desktop while you are using your favorite web browser. Add in the ability to easily send links, messages and files to your other devices and Pushbullet becomes one of the best apps you will use everyday.

The Not So Great

It is hard to find much to not like about Pushbullet. I personally only use the free version, but have considered purchasing the pro version. I can understand the limits on the free version regarding texts and the cost to move to pro is not outrageous.


Pushbullet makes keeping up with my phone notifications and SMS messages easy to due while I continue to work. It is perhaps the best app I use everyday that I just forget how much I use it.


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