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Feedly is the premium RSS reader that does so much more. Offering features such as:

  • Power search
  • Shared collections
  • Faster polling
  • Connect to Buffer
  • Connect to Hootsuite
  • Connect to Evernote
  • Connect to IFTTT

and more.

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Our Review

I’ve been using Feedly for a few months now and I really can’t recommend it enough. Both for personal and professional use it’s been a great tool. It’s the easiest way I’ve come across for keeping up to date on a given topic by finding relevant websites and being able to check their new posts without bouncing all over the web.

What really helps make Feedly more than just an RSS feed aggregator is its organization system and site finding tools. You can create a Collection for a given topic – video games, local news, real estate news, etc – and input all the sites you currently read into the list. That’s fine on its own. But Feedly then recommends other related sites based on their content. That way you can always be discovering new sources of information and great articles that you may have completely missed out on before. Feedly makes it very easy to tell how long ago an article was posted, the author, and even how many times it’s been shared.

The free version of Feedly comes with pretty much all the features you might want as a basic user and it doesn’t cap you out on how many feeds you can follow. If you’re using Feedly as part of your business, it’s incredibly useful as a way to keep up-to-date on your industry’s news and find new content to share to your followers if you’re in social media. I use Feedly to stay informed on a variety of business niches since I end up writing for companies in industries I might not know as much about. If you spring for the Pro subscription to Feedly, you get a handful of extra features that can be especially helpful for work-related pursuits. Most importantly, it allows you to share your feeds with others. This makes curating a feed for your colleagues to follow really worthwhile. You can also save stories to a variety of apps like Pocket or Evernote once you upgrade. And then upgrade is only $5.41 per month!

Overall I’d definitely recommend at least giving Feedly a try. It will make catching up on your favorite sites much faster and simpler.


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