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The DesignCap Poster and Flyer online creator is a free and simple to use online option for those needing to make a poster or flyer. Easy to use and free this tool will certainly help people with their occasional poster and flyer creation needs.

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  • Easy to use poster creator.
  • Free to use and download images.
  • Good selection of templates to start from.
  • Large selection of clipart and fonts to choose from and use.

  • Print from website did not work. Had to download the image to print.

Getting Started

If you need a poster for an event or special occasion, or maybe to just be creative, the DesignCap Poster and Flyer online creator could be just the online service that you are looking for. Getting started is as easy as going to the website and clicking on the Make aa Free Poster/Flyer” button. You can then select a template to start from or just start with a blank canvas.

The Great

The editor is easy to use and having a good selection of templates to start with certainly helps to get a poster started. If you want to add one of your own photos you have several options, like uploading one or connecting to Facebook. You can also search and select photos from Pixabay. This gives you a large selection of photos to choose from and can really make your design stand out. If you want to use clipart instead you can do that as well.

Adding and editing text is also easy to do with a decent selection of font styles to choose from. You have enough styles and fonts to choose from to be able to make a nice looking poster while not totally overwhelming the user with to many options.

When you are all done creating your poster you can download it as a jpg and print it. You can also save your poster as you go and load it again later if you like but it does require you to download a file and upload it again.

The Not So Great

There is not a lot to complain about with the DesignCap Poster and Flyer online creator. The only problem I had with the tool was going to print the poster. Clicking the print icon on the top of the editing screen brought up the print screen but it was blank. This is not a huge issue though since you can also download a jpg verison of your poster and print it once you have it downloaded.


The DesignCap Poster and Flyer online creator lets you create a poster quickly and easily. It is free and you can download your creation. The price is certainly right, being free and the number of options are enough to give you lots of choice in your design while not overwhelming you with decisions.


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